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Hot Dog Steamer Cart

Our Hot Dog Carts and Steamer Carts are manufactured with a sturdy steel frame wrapped in stainless steel. The way we design and build hot dog carts ensures your mobile food vending business will stay operational and your cart will remain reliable for many, many years. Whether you are looking for a push steamer cart or a mobile hot dog cart for sale, we are able to surface mount any stock equipment as well as build equipment directly into the body of your cart. We can produce any form of custom equipment such as in-deck propane steamers & charbroilers. This means that you aren’t stuck with a stock hot dog cart that looks the same as every other hot dog cart on the street – anything you want to add for convenience or flare, we can do. Just talk to us about your vision and we’ll make it happen!

If you're looking for a hot dog cart for sale, look no further. Hot dog carts are the perfect entry into the mobile food cart, as hot dog carts provide you with a full-service solution with low initial investment. Hot dogs are a type of street food that are sold and consumed year round, and our hot dog carts give you the ability to customize your hot dogs with any type of image and functionality you wish. With low overhead and high turnover, your profit margin operating a hot dog cart business can be phenomenal! As mentioned, we can help build your hot dog cart so it has a unique appearance, ensuring you stand out from other hot dog vendors.

Dougie Luv from the famous Dougie Dog Food Truck successfully launched his business using Apollo Carts & Apollo Food Trucks. Here is his interview on Dragon's Den.


Customize Your Hot Dog Cart with any type of equipment

Granita hot dog char broiler Broiler Hot Dog Machine Hot Dog Roller Machine portable popcorn machine

Apollo Carts is your custom hot dog cart manufacturer
- we build to suit your needs.


6 ft Mobile Propane Hot Dog Steamer Cart
Hot Dog Steamer Cart Mobile Propane Hot Dog Steamer Cart
A 6 ft. Mobile Self-contained Propane Steamer Cart that is easy to tow and easy to operate. Plumbing and refrigeration are included.
Price:   $Inquire 

6 ft Mobile Propane Hot Dog Grill Cart
Hot Dog Grill Cart Mobile Propane Hot Dog Grill Cart
A Mobile Self-contained Propane Steamer Cart that includes a top mounted high-quality stainless steel grill. A combination that lets you serve a variety of foods. Includes refrigeration and plumbing.
Price:   $Inquire 

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